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DrG's Medisense Feature Article

21121-Omicron_COVID How to Resist Amazon and Why, by Author Danny Caine (Microcosm Publishing, 2023)
Book Report by Ann Gerhardt, MD
May 2023
Print Version

I write this because, as a doctor and somewhat of a climate activist, I’m unhappy that Amazon’s working conditions kill and injure employees as they “fulfill” people’s precious orders, and Amazon puts small businesses out of business and contributes to climate change, which begets disease and death.   This book condenses tons of information, including Amazon’s horrendous environmental impact.  Since Amazon announced laudable goals for greenhouse gas reduction, its carbon emissions continued to rise by double digits every year.  In 2020 Amazon replaced the postal service for “last mile” delivery with its own trucks, which really don’t contain smiles. - They contain packaging, plastic and more trash for landfills.

Prior to reading Caine’s book, I had rejected Amazon after reading Emily Guendelsberger’s book about her miserable stint as an Amazon warehouse employee (On the Clock:  What low-wage work did to me and how it drives America insane) and voluminous information about Amazon’s damage to small business (which would have pleased those who applaud cutthroat competition and acquisition), before deciding to not purchase anything from Amazon.  I’m not un-American, I’m un-Amazon and I’d rather support my local community and small businesspeople rather than give my money to any company that wastes money on Bezos’ space flights rather than be good to their employees and the planet. 

How to Resist Amazon and Why details how Amazon and 5th richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, are abusive to small businesses, especially bookstores, the planet, its subordinate businesses including delivery services, the USPS, their own employees and their customers (by violating privacy).  Millions of people, who want it all and want it now, support this exploitation by paying Prime to buy cheap and lazy. 

Danny Caine owns a small bookstore in Kansas.  Amazon began its hegemony by undercutting bookstores, so those are the stores which have suffered the most from Amazon abuse.  He has written a well-researched book documenting Amazon’s wide-ranging harm.  Then he suggests that we buy from local businesses or non-Amazon on-line outlets and stop patronizing Amazon brands, a list of which he provides. 

One individual eschewing Amazon’s Goliath won’t topple it, but it’s nice to feel good about not being part of the problem.